Turbo charge your workforce

For Employers / Employees

  • Incentive information
  • Projects
  • Advertise Employment opportunities available at your company
  • Community Engagement
  • Mentoring Training and Assistance
  • Cultural Awareness Training
  • Life Skills- Work Life/ Balance
  • For Your Business

  • Workforce Planning
    • Build a dynamic workforce to improve your bottom line
    • Improves resource deployment.
    • Tailored Business and Individual Training Plans
    • Invest in the talent within your organization by developing and expanding their skills and knowledge
    • Improve Human Resource prospects by developing a workforce plan to analyse labour supply and demand to ensure you avoid critical talent gaps
    • projection of demand for key talent segments and competencies periodically.
  • Team Buliding
  • General Construction Site Inductions
  • Industry News and Safety Updates
  • Information on Apprenticeships, Education, Training and Certification Programs
  • Our Way to generate energy into your organisation

    1. Work with Smart People
      • a. Developing Personal Training Plans
        • What training do you need?
        • What support do I need?
        • How to get training and experience.
      • b. Systematic approach to developing staff skills
        • Individual Training evaluation
        • Individual Training plan
        • Time Management
    1. Empower    
      • a. Mentoring, Coaching, Evaluating.
        • Develop mentoring procedure for company
    1. Soft Skills    
      • a. Company Training Plans
        • Performance Development plan
        • Key Staff surveys
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