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ECS Schooling Support Plan

A ECS Schooling Support Plan is a work document designed by ECS in collaboration with stakeholders that informs the ongoing planning, delivery and evaluation of a student’s education to employment program.

The ECS Plan

  • identifies students individual needs and Priorities for employment
  • outlines short and long term employment and training goals for a student and the actions, strategies, modifications and adaptations that will be used
  • is a flexible living document that is reviewed and modified over time
  • assigns responsibility and accountability for implementing and evaluating the plan
  • Provides an ongoing record to ensure continuity of learning.
Having a Specific Indigenous Youth Skills program means we can extend this service to the wider community by offering continual support to students and information to families to keep them up to date as to what is required and what is happening in their region. Empowering Community Strategy aims to expand our volunteer homework hubs with trade qualified mentors to assist students to complete training requirements in a supported environment.

Each year, our organization assists Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals & organisations in our community and without donation from individuals like you, this would not be possible. Donations help sustain our organization and benefit the community which we serve.

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